Corporate Social Responsibility

Pleased to share that sangath IPL has initiated various activities this year to
preserve, protect and nurture our mother earth. On this world environment day we
wish to share some of them which are as follows. Best wishes for WORLD
ENVIRONMENT DAY. Letsjoin hands for this movement…

Lake development to increase water reservoir.

In said activity, under govt of gujarat‘s SUJALAM SUFALAM JAL SANCHAY YOJANA 2018, sangath IPL has adopted 3 lake developments at village lawad in district
dahegam. The purpose of this activity is more efficiently increasing capacity of natural lake. So during rain more water can be stored naturally and can be useful for
agricuture and other activities for longer period.

We are being ready to Welcome Monsoon

sangath IPL has developed percolating wells in our many old projects. Percolating
well is an easiest and efficient way for ground water recharging naturally. Butdue to
lack of cleaning and maintenance, the efficiency of these percolating wells
gradually reduces. Plastic and other particles choked water drain ways into the
ground. Recently we have adopted all our old projects percolating wells and
cleaned and maintained it. Now all sangath IPL projects are “READY TO WELCOME

DryI Wet Waste Management Awareness Program at
sangath POSH & sangath TERRACES

Sangath IPL has arranged program in association with “Duro Green” where in
process of converting wet waste (kitchen/organic waste) to organic fertilizers is
explained to residents of sangath posh and sangath terraces followed by waste bin
distribution to each house for dry/wet segregation at source.

Thank You

Sangath IPL,

Journey towards Green excellence … Since 1981.